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    Shock alarm clock


      Hi Ben,


      I wonder if you could build a shock alarm clock. There has been quite a few products that are either still in development - e.g. Alarmshock (http://alarmshock.com/) or already launched, but just too pricy and faulty - e.g. Shock Clock by Pavlok (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01EZ77IOY/ref=as_li_tl?utm_campaign=3%2F13+_hash_mm+%28JYQpYP%29&_ke=dnJhbmthci5uZWpj… ).


      I don't know much about electronics, so my idea is probably not the best... but I guess you could either use a dog shock collar or build your own mechanism out of capactiors or something and of course a programmable time switch (there's a bunch of them on ebay that are used for outlets). And I think it would be better if it was mounted around your ankle / thigh so you get a bit of a "kick in the ass" to get up . But it would be good if there was first either a sound alarm or a vibration alarm to kinda ease you into it and zap is there to really kickstart you into the day .


      I think this is a build that many of us night owl students would deeply appreciate.

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