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    Raspberry Pi, EnOcean Pi, OpenHAB and LED Driver


      Hi, I would like to use the EnOcean switches to control LED lights with that have a driver with a 0-10V dimmer.  One option is to use the EnOcean LED Relay Zone Controller, 0-10V, LEDRU-W-E0, https://www.enocean.com/en/enocean_modules_902mhz/led-relay-zone-controller-0-10v-ledr-oem/ .  This device has a 120 VAC relay to switch the LED driver on and off.  It also has a 0-10V output for the driver dimming circuit.  The problem is that these relays are ~$100 each and I need ten of them.  I would rather not spend ~$1000 to solve this problem.


      I have seen the videos of the EnOcean switches with the RPi, EnOcean Pi and OpenHAB.  Are there interface boards that could be added to this basic system to add the same capability as the EnOcean LED relay?  I'm assuming that the RPi would need to interface to a digital relay board to switch the 120 VAC and to a D/A board for the 0-10V dimming circuit.  Before I ask all the many questions that I have, I would welcome any feedback on the feasibility of doing this.