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    Custom Nintendo Switch dock


           My description of the idea is all written on the pdf. but to summarize my idea is a Switch dock that resembles a NES where the cartridge compartment is where you load the Switch into the dock. foam padding above switch along edges to protect screen from scratches. where the controller would plug in have two usb ports for access. on the top have a removable access door to store a few switch games. have the HDMI run out the back of the Dock. underneath the dock I was thinking of having a second access compartment for room to have access to plug in something into the USB 3.0 just in cause rumors are true about a 4k upscale can plug in to the device. possibly I was thinking if room exist inside the custom dock to have a battery bank inside. an optional part of my idea is there will be a removable screen accessory that would run a 720 or 1080 display that would plug into the back of the custom switch much like the PlayStation 1 screen accessory. depending on power draw or not I was thinking of having it powered by a battery in the custom dock or have it like the PlayStation 1 as a wall powered device.

           My idea solves a problem about switch safety in a dock, while adding charm. adds dock functionality by turning it into a case. it should be reasonable in price. For plan is to use the innards of a original switch dock and make a custom case.

           I saw a line asking for my phone number if needed just write me an email asking for it and let me know the number I should be expecting a call from because I have a tendency not answer numbers I am not familiar with. I would be thrilled to hear back from you to hear what you think.