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    Bug in Editor window?


      Hi Support,


      this is now a bit difficult to declare:

      When i write a post and if i jump with the 4 arrow-buttons between the sentences - and I'm at the end or beginning of the text, and i jump one more:
      the browser can crash. The browser, i use the IE11, closes and restart in this last window, where i was before, but the editor window comes up empty.
      Then i must write my posts again.

      I think there is a bug in the editor window that does not stop the 4 arrow-buttons in the editor window.
      The cursor will jump to outside the editor border. After that the IE crashes.


      The 2) error? :

      Inserting quotes. - The quote tag is a complete line in the editor window.

      In some posts i like to separate one quote in sections by answering.

      This can be difficult. The inserting comes every time on top of my text, not on my last cursor state.

      And i can not move the quote line between the text lines, eg. moving from the first line to the next, or last line.


      Best Regards,



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          Dudley Nelson

          Hi geralds ,


          There's a few things that leap out in your post. I think the part that gives me the most concern is this


          The browser, i use the IE11, closes and restart in this last window, where i was before, but the editor window comes up empty.


          The fact that the editor window comes up empty is quite a shock to me - we save all content being typed in every ten seconds or so, so you should never have a situation where you lose all your content. I suspect what is happening is that it's not managing to work out that you are reposting to the same thread that you were before and thus isn't prompting the reload. Next time you get this, check your drafts area and see if you can see your lost post? You get to your drafts by:


          • Click your name in the nav bar at the very top of the page.
          • Your content
          • Drafts


          You should be able to see anything you've lost in there. If it isn't, then we should look at the happy path, i.e. all bugs aside, and if * anything * of yours is being saved to draft. Could be you've found an IE specific bug...


          Next up is slightly easier for me to deal with. There are some known issues around cursoring around quotes and syntax that result in some weird little issues. Generally these don't happen, but when they happen, they can cause all manner of weird effects. We've had these reported before, and we've reported them to our vendor, and they've confirmed a few bugs and opened tickets for them. But since then we've seen no movement on those tickets.


          We could look into it ourselves, but the code for the RTE window is an area we generally try to avoid as it's an area where you fix one bug and write 20 more.


          However, not one of these cursoring issues has caused the browser to crash. They have all been what I would categorize as "annoying" rather than "fatal". Causing the browser to crash, and losing your content, I would definitely classify as "fatal". If you can find a way to reproduce it or (in my dreams) video it, that would be fantastic. Failing that, if you can find a piece of content you are editing that is particularly likely to crash, come on here and post it, @mention me and I'll dust off my IE11 instance and see if I can see it myself. You don't need to publish it for me to have a look, I can go into drafted content and see it.


          As for your last issue, I've had issues with multi-quoting in the past and have generally fallen back on html mode to rectify this. But I'm very comfortable with html edits and I'm aware that many people aren't, and I'm also aware that any time the platform forces you to fall back on an html edit, the platform has failed. Html edits should be a convenience because that's easier for you to do, and never a necessity.


          That said, there are a number of people who tend to talk a lot more on the site who may well have a better insight into how to do what you're asking. Given that's more of a "how do I" question and the other questions are more bug reports, I'm tempted to branch that question off into a separate post.