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    Raspberry Pi with Windows 7


      This is one of the way of running Windows Apps on Raspberry Pi devices (or other ARM-based ones). Read here –> https://eltechs.com/raspberry-pi-windows-7

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          So is Virtual Box

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              not really a virtual box but an emulation of the X86 CPU, usually a Virtual Machine is still running in its native language (X86, ARM, Broadcom etc) but running a different OS.


              All the true PI based windows I have seen so far are based on an emulator, so you have native arm code interpreting foreign X86 code. This is always a pretty Low performance venture. a lot of old games console emulators can get away with it because the original cpu was slow slow, the resulting emulation is about the same.


              If you compare with pretty much any windows based machine from the last 10 years, you will find the emulation slow and extremely resource constrained. To be honest, aside from the educational aspect to this, I dont see the point. For most users it is a need to run a solution, not an operating system and there are far better ways to do this. An old legacy pc can be had for less that a PI and would run way better.

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