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    Beaglebone Black Rev C screens shuts off


      I recently bought a new Beaglebone Black rev C and started playing around with it by using a standalone setup with HDMI, keyboard and mouse. After a few minutes the screens completely shuts off and does not want to start up again. I thought it might be a OS issue and re flashed my eMMC with an Angstom distribution. After start up it did the exact same thing. I even added code that disables the auto sleep mode of the screen but that does not work.


      I know the BBB is getting input from my mouse and keyboard because one of the LEDs flashes when I type or click.


      Has anyone ever experienced this and what can you recommend I do?


      Thank you

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          Your trouble is not listed as a known issue, so I would try the following:

          1) visually checking the board (all components placed according to design files, no misplaced components, scratches, integrity of connectors...). (I assume you don't own of know anyone with an x-ray to check the BGA soldering.)

          2) check temperature of the components to rule out overheating

          3) use another sufficient and stable power supply

          4) use less and / or different peripherals (or try a powered USB hub).


          If none of this works, I would request an RMA.

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              Thank you very much for the reply. I checked all your recommendations. The only one that stands out is the peripherals. When I only connected the HDMI cable the BBB stayed on. When I restarted with the Keyboard and Mouse Connected to a USB Hub that is when the BBB screen shut off.


              An interesting observation though is when I connected that same peripherals and the same power supply to a BBB REVB with the 2GB eMMC the screen stayed on. It was running Debian though so I don't know if that is a factor. I have another REVC that I will reinstall Debian on and see if I have the same issue.

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              Have you tried a different HDMI monitor or HDMI cable?

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                lucie tozer

                could it be a power issue? If the screen goes off when a usb hub, mouse and keyboard are plugged in its a possibility.

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                  Hi All


                  I have flashed Debian 8.6 to another REVC and so far the screen has not turned off. I am also using a more stable power supply. So maybe it is a Angstom problem or a power supply problem. I will monitor both of them to see what they do. Thank you for all the advice.

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                      I have been exposed to quite a few of these bbb. It is very inconsistent with whatever combination of software/hardware you hook up to them.

                      But one thing is for sure....


                      Make sure that you have a very good stable power supply and a very good HDMI cable and display.

                      This is not a hard and fast rule....but 9 out of 10 times this is what solved my issues.


                      With all those Known issues, I have yet to return a single bbb, whether it be REV B or REV C.....they just work.....


                      There are a few of them in production environment that has been up and running for more than a year without shutting down not even the occasional reboot...


                      They just work....


                      Very good and robust equipment....




                      South Africa

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                      Definately sounds like a power related issue.


                      In my setup I've found that powering the BeagleBone via the microUSB port limits current to 500mA (which is the USB standard but not followed by everyone).

                      Using a short USB to microUSB cable might also help but with applications that include an external screen and peripherals the barrel connector is the best (possibly mandatory) way to go.

                      So I assume you already use the barrel connector to power this? Might have an unstable power supply then.

                      At one point I've replaced all my USB-microUSB cables with cables of type USB to 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC Barrel Jack (5V 2A) which greatly enhanced the kind of power sources I can use.




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                        Please update us on the situation.



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                            Hi All,


                            I got one BealgleBone Black a few days ago and connected its HDMI port to the monitor through the VGA splitter. I flashed it with the debian IOT version. It came up and a few minutes later, it turned off. I wriggled the cable, then it came up again, and turned off again after a few minutes. I returned for another BeagleBone Black, and now I got the same thing.

                            Note that I already had two BeagleBone Black Wireless boards, and both works all the time, no problem with HDMI. In theory, there is not much change between BeagleBone Black and the Wireless version. Has any body have a reliable working BeagleBone Black bougth recently?? If yes, let us know where you bought it.