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    Transform an Nvidia Shield TV into a portable!


      Not to be confused with the Nvidia Shield Portable. With the power of the Nvidia Shield TV you can emulate GCN and Wii games and more.

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            I found this thread while googling this topic so I guess I'll resurrect it

            I've been thinking about this, Nvidia was was set to release an updated Shield portable and teardowns of the first gen shield TV looks like the main board could have been used in a device with a Shield Portable form factor. But I don't think trying to use the first gen boards would be a great idea. The second gen internals seem compact enough to transplant into something that can house the board and a screen without going more than maybe relocating some connectors.
            The biggest issue I see is powering the thing. My immediate thought is to use a power bank as the supply to have a solution to handle battery charging. It will need to be sized for the STV and a screen (unless we have one that can be powered from one of the STV's USB ports).


            The STV power brick is 19V 2.1A IIRC which does not fit any of the available USB type C power delivery profiles. I don't know if the STV and an LCD can stay in the 45w power envelope for those profiles I'm not sure if the cost difference between a 45w and 60w power bank would make that a choice to fret over though.


            As a side note, a USB Type-C to STV power adapter could prove to be a popular idea based on STV users complaining about the lack of replacement power adapters.

            For a screen, I was hoping a relatively cheap 720p HDMI based LCD used for something like a RasPi could work for the display. But I think the screen is potentially the easiest part of the build.


            Then there is control. My immediate thought is to use the official STV controller. Connect it to the STV via USB. I don't know if it can run without the battery like this, but lets assume it can.
            The other issue is that there is a lot going on in the controller which could be a real challenge depending on the form factor. My initial thoughts are to de-solder the pots for the analog sticks so they can be relocated. Do the same for the analog triggers.
            Use other tactile switches soldered to the pads of the old buttons to allow the other buttons to be relocated. I don't know if the volume touch slider could be relocated easily , but I hope so. I would try and reuse the headphone jack so I didn't need to recover audio from the HDMI stream too.

            For form factor, I figure something like the GPD XD would work. The bottom half could house the power bank, DC-DC converter, and modified controller. The top half would house the STV, the screen, and maybe a USB hub so there is more than one port left over.

            The last thing I'd like to have in a project like this is some sort of HDMI switch that can detect if an external display is connected and automatically switch to it as well as change the mode to whatever the TV supports.

            It may not be the Shield Portable 2 Nvidia was working on, but if such a project is possible, then it might be the closest we will get.

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            #1 YES

            #2 HELL YES

            #3 nVidia Y U cancel Portable? or Not make Portable 2! EVGA Tegra Note 7 or Shield Tablet not so awesome as the Portable

            #4 The Shield TV is Awesome and better than the Steambox, but it is not the Portable, its a different equally great product....



            The nVidia Shield Portable chanced my career, personal life, and gaming life! Let me explain.


            Career: It was on the verge of 5ghz 802.11N an no one understood that 2.4ghz and 5ghz were not parallel or that the 5ghz part existed. Research into getting the infant streaming platform turbocharged my understanding of 802.11X (X = A,B,G,N.AN.AC(later),and etc) and led to a office overall of 5ghz that made many happy clients loving getting away from 2.4


            Personal Life: I don't condone talking in bed while on your phone browsing as a partner "activity" but commonly partners will have problems if you turn that into gaming with a laptop or desktop even though your both mindlessly browsing in their eyes. Well the Shield was that stealthy "venting, but on Phone browsing" way to talk to your partner in bed, vent, and be social without bothering them or them thinking you have falsely lost interest. Also it was very powerful, so not having to power up a machine for a late night notes brainwave was nice. 5ghz made it a real OS capable device with BT Mouse, BT KB, OTG Port, & real battery life.


            Main CON was WTF how does this go in my pocket, and how do I carry it without holding it in my hand.




            Gaming Life: Excuse to get a 760GTX went it came out, Casual, Dosbox, Emulator Gaming, PS2, PC Gaming Streaming, multitasking, Twich Streaming, & a fair price tag for a brilliant idea. With the right internet connection PC games on the go without compromise. Later the service that lets you play games on their server! WHAT A GREAT WAY TO MAKE GAMING better for adults who may be on the verge of loosing touch with friends, family, & gaming all togather!




            This is a great idea, I hope Ben picks it up; if not I will. I am chronically ill or I would start this idea tonight. I am a noob channel/content provider with poor production quality, I would much much rather the pros pick it up.


            Best idea, make a board that allows you to adapt your current device to a portable one without opening it, voiding the warranty, or damaging it.


            Make it a public file using chips/such that you could get at.....well lets say Element14???? hmmm and bring back the portable the way it should have always been.


            Maybe even start this as, well lets say, a community project with modular add-ons that hmmm, maybe people can mix, match, and upgrade on Element 14?



            OP: Great idea, lets try and bring it home.