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    Fisher Price Code a Pillar Hack


      Hello Ben,


      My son received a Fisher Price Code A Pillar for Christmas that is based off the app that helps teach kids to "code" by placing the directions in a row to have the code a pillar go in the proper direction needed.  The physical version uses sections that connect via USB and the Code A Pillar moves in those directions.  The only issue I have with the device is you have presets that you can't change other than the pieces and it is difficult to plan out how far they will go to get to point A to point B.  Considering how its made it seems to me like it would be easy to tear down and hack to do other things or recognize different commands besides its designated purpose or at the very least see how it operates. 


      I would consider doing it myself but right now I just don't know enough about coding or have the time and figure it might be neat to see you breakdown a children's toy that could expand the enjoyment of the device.


      Thanks in Advance for your consideration!