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    Help with the developer problem(Developer Tools: Build from Source)


      Hey guys.

      My Ubuntu(ubuntu-14.04.5-desktop-amd64) systerm run within a virtual machine.

      I am doing what https://developer.motorola.com/build/tools/setup-environment tell me to do.Here seems nothing wrong.


      Next step https://developer.motorola.com/build/tools/build-from-source ,there is one error.

      $ export PATH=$PATH:$BUILD_TOP/manifesto:$BUILD_TOP/bootrom-tools                (this step run correctly)
      $ cd $BUILD_TOP/nuttx/nuttx                                                      (this step run correctly)
      $ make distclean                                                                 (this step run correctly)
      $ cd $BUILD_TOP/nuttx/nuttx/tools                                                (this step run correctly)
      $ ./configure.sh hdk/muc/base_unpowered                                          (this step run correctly)

      $ cd $BUILD_TOP/nuttx/nuttx                                                      (this step run correctly)
      $ make                                                                           (this step goes wrong)

      The results are as follows,

      Missing path to the output file

      USAGE: tools/version.sh [-d|-h] [-b <build>] -v <major.minor> <outfile-path>

      Try 'tools/version.sh -h' for more information

      chmod: cannot access ‘.version’: No such file or directory

      make: *** [/home/xcjapp/Build_Environment/nuttx/nuttx/.version] Error 1


      So,how can I fix it?

      Thank you very much.