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    Termapp firmware


      Is there any detailed instruction on how to set up the firmware for the termapp(https://developer.motorola.com/build/examples/misc ?  Interested in starting to test some GPIO and UART stuff but couldn't find any detailed information like for the personality cards.  Can I set different GPIO inputs and outputs with this?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, sorry if this seem like a simple question.  Just starting out on the MDK.

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          Update, I got the firmware successfully uploaded.  Once I run the MDK-Terminal app and click on GPIO config I get no readings.  Has anyone experience this?


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              First question, did you Allow the MDK Terminal to have unrestricted access?  Without allowing this permission in Android, your APK cannot access the Raw channel.  I did notice that after granting the Permission I have to restart to access Raw.  Need to dig into what's going on there, but if you quit and relaunch the app after granting permissions it appears to work properly.


              To debug this, I used the debug message from the firmware to ensure it was receiving the commands (it was not).  Please confirm if you have the same behavior, and we'll dig into why Raw doesn't appear to open (in Android) after granting permissions.


              Thank you.

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                  Yup, we were missing a couple of lines of code when the Permission is granted.

                  In the MainActivity.java onRequestPermissionsResult() method:

                  if (grantResults[0] == PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED) {

                     setImageButtonEnabled(this, true, btSend, R.drawable.ic_send_24dp);


                  } else {

                     // TODO: user declined for RAW accessing permission.
                     // To pop up a description dialog or other prompts to explain app cannot work
                    // without permission.
                     setImageButtonEnabled(this, false, btSend, R.drawable.ic_send_24dp);




                  If you add the lines in red, this should resolve your issue.  We'll work to get an update pushed to github (unless you beat us to it).