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    Bluetooth portable cassette player


      Hey Ben Heck Show, I love my retro tech. However there is one thing I simply can't go back to and that is wired headphones. They are a constant annoyance, always getting caught up on something when moving around ( I get to listen to music while at work) or irritating the skin if I try wearing it under my shirt, and somehow one of the ear buds Always stops working for some reason. After getting my completely wireless Bluetooth headphones I just can't do wired anymore


      My idea is to combine the old and the new and and build a small portable cassette player with Bluetooth capability that I can use my Minty True Wireless Earbuds with. It does not need its own speaker. It would be great if it comfortably fit in my pocket or maybe just something that can clip onto my belt.  Can you guys help me out here. Thanks

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