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    Another question about Experiment 11 in Make: Electronics (2nd edition)


      Thank you for all the previous help with Experiment 11 in Make: Electronics.


      I have now tried the final part of the breadboard circuit, but again I get no sound, although the light does blink as it did in the first part of Experiment 11. 


      I have attached the relevant photos and diagrams.  The only unusual thing is that the connector wire near the 30 above the negative lead of the speaker is drawn in Figure 2-120 as perfectly horizontal, which would put it in a gap of the negative bus.  I tried angling it both up and down, but still no sound.


      Does anyone see any obvious errors or have any suggestions as to what might be wrong?  I feel that perhaps the power is not making it down to the lower part of the circuit, but I'm not sure where I've gone wrong.  I would appreciate any insight!