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    KSZ8873 not working


      Hello All,

      We are using the 3 port Ethernet switch  KSZ8873MLLIKSZ8873MLLI in our project

      The first and second port is connected to the RJ-45 connectors. The third port is connected to KSZ8895 via a MII interface.

      The problem that we are facing is that the Port 1 and Port 2 are not communicating with each other. The packets sent from port 1 or port 2 are not going to port 3 also.

      We have followed all the strap options as mentioned in datasheet. The schematics is attached for the reference.

      Could you all please help me in debugging this issue.Please reply asap.




      Arun R

        • Re: KSZ8873 not working
          John Beetem

          I haven't ever used the KSZ8873 but I've used other Micrel parts in the past.  I notice that this is a Managed switch, which usually means it doesn't switch any packets between ports until switching is enabled by software.  I also noted in the errata sheet that the default is "don't switch" in I2C master mode.


          I would suggest looking at register values over the management interface to make sure switching has indeed been enabled.  Also check rate policing to make sure it's allowing ports to transmit.


          Hope this helps.