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    How to flash permanently with stlink-v2


      Hi how do you flash a programm permanently with stlink-v2.

      I made a simple Blink project and when I debug the LED turns off and on also an output at the console.


      The stlink tool configuration.


      the Prompt say all ok but the LED isn't blinking.




      What do I miss?

      Every hint to solve this is massivly appreciated.

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          I have no experience with ST tools, which are Windows only.


          but I suggest you first figure out how to use these tools outside Eclipse, and then consider integrating them with Eclipse.

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              Hi Liviu

              I can program the generated hex code via STM32St-Link Utility outside of eclipse.


              I don't know where to look.

              Is the generated hex file not working properly (but why is debugging over openocd no problem).



              OK. This is probably a problem with migrating files from CubeMX into Eclipse.

              I created a new project in eclipse with the blinky template and here I can programm over st-link.

              Everything is ok.

              So I have to check what I did wrong by integrating the setup created by cubemx.