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    AD698 heating issue



           I am using AD698 for my project. In that project, I am using micro-epsilon full bridge LVDT with excitation frequency of 5KHz and the effective voltage as 2.52V, I am using the same circuitry as it shown in datasheet of AD698.

           But the problem is, as I start my system, the voltage at the output of AD698 starts decreasing without any movement of LVDT as IC gets heated. If I place a finger over AD698, the output voltage again starts increasing and if I remove my finger it starts decreasing again. After some time like 5 to 10 min it gates stable.


      I want a stable output as soon as system starts which only change as my LVDT moves.

      I don't know what to do, to detect the cause of problem or how to solve this issue.


      Thank you in advance,

      Ashutosh Patil