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    Fab / Assembly Drawing Frame and Title Block


      Do stock title blocks for PCB manufacturing exist in CircuitStudio?  I can't seem to find them anywhere.

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          Hey Brian, Alexsander from Altium here. Currently we don't have stock title blocks for CircuitStudio.

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            Hi Brian,


            Normally you can request a DXF or text or similar file from your manufacturer with the instructions for their fabrication requirements. This can be imported into CircuitStudio by copying and pasting text or by importing a DXF file which may contain a nice table with text inside the cells.


            I attached an example design with this setup already.


            Example design: https://www.dropbox.com/s/93ryocdcu8w5b3n/SpiritLevel-SL1_CS.zip?dl=0


            In this example board, the "Design Information" layer (AKA the default layer name "Dimensions Top" is shown when you right click the layer tab and choose Use Medium Layer Names), has some information imported from a manufacturer. This is a very old design so the example manufacturer specifications are quite dated.


            Notice that the board has a white area surrounding the board shape, which makes the drawing easier to see than on the gray screen. This is called the Sheet, and has been defined in this board by the outermost objects on the Sheet Detail layer.


            To set this yourself:


            The View Configurations dialog (Shift+L) shows the Linked to Sheet checkbox is enabled for the Sheet Detail layer (AKA Courtyard Bottom), but actually any mechanical layer may be used to define the sheet size.


            Home > Board Options has a section called Sheet Position, to define the sheet. Leave the Auto-size to linked layer option on, then untick Display Sheet. Click OK. Open the dialog again and tick the Display Sheet option. This time when you click OK, the sheet will resize to the shape of the linked layer.


            The Sheet Area Color can be changed in the View Configurations dialog, if you don't like the bright white sheet.  I changed it to yellow in the screen capture below.


            Best regards,


            James Harriman


            CircuitStudio instructions on a mechanical layer with yellow sheet

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