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    Is it possible to get a CS Subscription Activated after buying it....? How?


      CIRCUIT STUDIO debacles #2:How


      I had a huge problem getting my original license... thought it could not happen twice???  Short answer - YES.


      Bought a  $ 237 subscription renewal 10 April 2017 - now it's 15 May 2017 and nothing has been forthcoming from E14.


      I have been dealing with a pleasant fellow at E14, but he seems unable to do anything helpful.   Finally I asked for someone higher up the food chain... now he has vanished. 


      Any ideas would be welcome....  Should I try to declare a dispute with the CC company?  I doubt they will do anything as I authorised the transaction.  It's basically the same as if you were scammed. 


      Has anyone else managed to get a subscription renewal?  Perhaps it's just something to do with me?


      Perhaps it's just the way E14 does business?