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    Need help with schematics for a quadcopter!


      Hi guys!


      I'm trying to build a quadcopter and got stuck on schematics. I don't know how to bring power to the Arduino.


      quadcopta like a rocklobsta


      Right now I have a battery that has a red and black cord soldered to an F450 frame. That's it with power. I don't know how I'd bring power to the F450 frame and Arduino. I don't see anything online for a XT60 to DC input, and I don't know what the Wire Harness Box is or what the lines connecting them to the brushless motors means. I'm guessing I don't need a wire harness box if I have the black and red soldered to the F450 frame already that the brushless motors respond to, and if so then I just need to figure out what the XT60 female to DC is.


      Thank you for your help and expertise!