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    Convert mobile DVD player to Pi Entertainment system




      I've got these portable dvd players that mount on the rear head rests in a vehicle.

      I'm planning on removing the DVD guts, then replace with a R PIv3 with kodi installed.

      Since this is to be designed with my kids in mind, I also plan to add in the necessary module for  wireless game controllers.

      I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a build, I could send you one of the sets that I have.

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          First off I like te idea. I do have two questions, First off by your last sentance I am taken to understand you are talking about a system that has twin screen (one for the back of the driver seat and one for the back of the passanger seat) Am I correct? Second question, can you give me the brand and model number so I may do some research to see what I might be able to do with this set up?

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