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    Raspberry Pi to PC Need help




      I have a question.  I have a "Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Display" and I am wondering if there is any way to connect it directly into a PC directly?  Maybe by USB or something like that.

      I would love the help on this one.  I am really at a loss in connecting them together and thought I would reach out to the pro engineers here.


      Thank you for your time from,


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          Hello Michael,


          do you mean to connect a PI to a Pc ?

          In this case there are many ways, depends on the kind of PC. operating system you are using (Windows? Max? Linux?) Anyway I can give you some suggestions below that need an in depth investigation in documentation.


          1. You can connect the two machines via the same local lan (Ethernet cable or WiFi). In this case you should define what to share on both sides and connect the two machines together.
          2. You can share the Internet connection from the PC (for example the PC is connected to the Internet via WiFi and yu share che connection through the ethernet cable)
          3. You can connect the PI to the Pc via USB using a proper USB to Serial cable. Then you can access the PI via terminal or using VNC


          Maybe you should be more specific for a more detailed definition.



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              From my perspective, since Michael enclosed the device name in quotes, I assume that he is asking about connecting the display, not the R-Pi. As you said, he needs to clarify; however, I have not seen any further participation on his behalf to do this. Hopefully he'll chime in. Salvador

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              Roger Wolff

              There are just two options, the first I find most likely, due to the quotes.


              The "raspberry pi touch screen display" is a display with touch screen that is specifically meant to be connected to the raspberry pi, as its name already implies. The raspberry pi has a display interface that is meant to be cheap to use where the processor was originally built for: in phones. It's called DSI. There simply never is a DSI interface on a PC anywhere. So: no you cannot connect the raspberry pi display to a PC.


              As suggested above, you can connect the display to a pi and then connect the pi to the LAN and communicate to the pi what should be displayed on the screen.

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                Do you have a model number for the screen you want to connect?
                Different RasPi screens connect differently. Some overlay on some pins like Ardunio, or use HDMI. Some use I2C.

                Unlike some people who will just say "you can't do that" (gawd have I heard that, lol!), I ask more questions first.


                I presume, since you're asking HOW to use it, that it's not for the HDMI port. If it is, and you just can't get it working, you need the model number of it to get a driver, because while I've never used an HDMI touchscreen, I presume it's not plug-n-play for it's touch feedback, especially in Windows, which requires a driver to read anything.


                If it connects to the I2C bus, you can get a "USB to I2C bridge". I do not know what details or specs you need, especially without knowing your screen, but I know there ARE ways to control I2C with a USB adapter.

                If it connects via a variety of pins (and not I2C), it's POSSIBLE to get a board to control signals.... but you're better off getting a screen, because you would probably have to write drivers, wrappers, etc.


                Again, one of the worst things you can do while expecting help, is to not state what part you're using.

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                    Roger Wolff

                    Vandia, nobody connects a display to a controlling computer through I2C. The I2C protocol was designed for something completely different and is not suitable for controlling a display. The reason is that I2C is supposed to run at 100kbps., so on average about 10kbyte per second. That is really not enough to drive a screen. More modern I2C version can be a bit faster, but still not even close to acceptable speeds for a display.


                    He said: :"Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Display", I've taken that to mean THE raspberry pi 7" touch screen display.  You're right, maybe he's gotten something off ebay, no clear indication in the opening post.


                    Now suppose it is one of those GPIO connector displays. Those have a limited number of pins to interface with, so a simple USB-GPIO board should work as you suggest.


                    Suggesting to someone who asks this kind of question that he get a development board (STM32F4 discovery for example), program it to drive the screen, program it to present a computer-interface on USB and then writing a driver for that on his PC operating system.... is kind of stretching it. Can I pull that off? Yes. Can you pull that off?  I don't think so. Can you expect Michael to? Not likely if he asks this question.


                    If you really want to mention that kind of things, start off with: "in theory you could..... " and end with "but that's way too much work for your situation".


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                        "nobody connects a a display through I2C"

                        Intel-Powered Mech (DW Juggernaut)


                        I only am not using a TSD because of finances at the time: but I am planning to switch my current screen to use with the compound eye for triangulation, and get another I2C screen that is TSD to switch menus and status screens. Whether something can be used or not is up to the individual, and their finances.


                        When I started, I was so broke I was having to pull parts out of burnt out XBoxes. Just because one person has money, doesn't mean "it can't be done" the cheaper way. Like you and I both said, sometimes it's "too much work", but some people either are too broke to do things another way, or LIKE that challenge! I also referred to "too much work" with using a screen that connects via GPIOs, because a USB shield for that would be over half the price of an I2C module.


                        I guess I should have brought up the HDMI TSDs are probably not much more even than that, but pricing of that did not cross my mind at that time! ^_^;

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                      Hi Michael.

                      Firstly Welcome to "The Very Friendly and helpful E14 Community".

                      Now Michael, please tell us in your own words exactly what it is that you have in terms of products and or part/model numbers and what it is that you would like to achieve, the outcomes of your perceived wants.


                      Thanks Michael.



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