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    HAProxy for HTTPS and username/password


      For those of you looking for more security, may I suggest HAProxy.  You can run this on one exposed server and proxy for another service.  Many benefits I have used this for most of the following.

      • Run your Node app in user space and user ports over 1024, like 3000 and use HA to Proxy it to port 80 or 443
      • Add SSL without adding it to your application.  Yes, it works and it works nice.
      • Add HTTP Auth for simple user authentication.  I suggest this is only done over HTTPS as it is not the most secure, but it does help.
      • I have not used this one, but Load Balancing


      You can do several services off one HAProxy instance, so redirect IPAddressA port 8080 to Edison#1 port 3000, IPAddressA port 8081 to Edison#2 port 3000, IPAddressA port 8088 to Edison#1 port 3001, and IPAddressA port 80 to Home Assistant Server port 8123.  This only exposes one host to external traffic if you want and hides the rest.



      So many other uses.  If you have a need, make a suggestion and lets discuss it here. Maybe we can find a solution together!