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    Problems with integrated libraries loosing footprints


      I have started to move my PCB design from CircuitMaker to CircuitStudio. Moving the old designs were easy enough, but now I have hit hard to problems in making my own integrated library.

      I have copied component symbols and PCB footprints into schematic and PCB libraries (and made some new as well) and compiled those into an integrated library. For some time this went well and I used the new library to convert the old components with community references to those in my own library to "recreate" a small PCB.


      Then I needed to modify some resistors to different SMD packages so I replaced those with new components. And now when trying to move the new components to the PCB I get errors "Footprint not found". The Library panel shows the footprint when selecting the component. Some components in the PCB with the same footprint show in their properties the right model when opening the IntLib content display (the 3 dots after the footprint name in the properties dialog). When I open the IntLib and extract the source libraries, the PCB library does contain the footprints as expected.


      The odd thing is that when opening the component properties in the schematics editor I sometimes get option to "show" the footprint. But in sometimes I get the option "edit" just like when selecting the footprint when the schematic library was created. And most times the "show" just says the footprint is not found in the project libraries or installed libraries. And all these happen when using components from the single IntLib.


      I'd very much appreciate any help or suggestions what to do or try to solve this problem.


      BR Olli Hyvärinen