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    Upcycleit Design Challenge


      Well done to everyone that entered and saw it through to the end.


      You may have noticed my absence over the last week, and this is due to other committments.

      I've come back to an Inbox that has swelled and a workload that means I can't do it justice.


      I have noted all the entries, but have refrained from commenting as I know what will happen.



      I'm very pleased to see that those that took my advice and blogged about their issues, had some assistance from others and consequently were able to move forward.

      While the Challenge may have prizes, the real prize is stretching your own boundaries and learning new stuff.


      Well done to everyone that managed to meet the T&C's, and completed their project.

      For some there were some personal issues, and others found out just how much time goes into these challenges.

      For anyone that has just about finished, I'd say stick with it, try to add more updates just as if the challenge was extended for another 3 weeks.


      If nothing else it will get you some practice for some of the longer challenges, and a goal to finish by.



      I can say that this challenge for me has been very interesting.

      It helped me get my Edison out and discovering there was some additional hardware to support it, and the posts you folks have provided have given me some great resources.


      When I first saw the applications, I did have some favourites, some why??, and some others that I struggled to see why they needed an Edison.

      Happily just about all those questions were answered (with the exception of a couple of false starters).



      This challenge has also seen some of the best content presented (IMO)

      It was interesting to follow, and the resources are invaluable to anyone picking up an Intel Edison for the first time.

      So well done everyone that participated.



      In the meantime I have a very difficult job of chosing.

      I've hinted before that my taste in High Performance cars makes bribes out of reach, so it will have to be honest choices. ....

      Thankfully I'm not alone in the task, so I'm sure I'll be able to sleep easier.



      Cheers element14 for holding this, and to Intel for their participation.