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    short circuit in pcb board


      how to solve if there is a short occured in pcb board?

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          There are multiple "Yes" answer(s) to your Q. (1) Yes, there are/were Current Trace(ing) Probes. I have (since 1979) a Triplet HP (Hewlett Packard) Probes: (a) Logic Probe, (b) Logic Pulser, (c) Current Tracer. (2) IF the PCB is Only Two-sided, then you can "cut" Traces on your PCB, and/or unsolder (one-end) of components, in an effort to Isolate the "short".

          IF you live in the NYC area, I can lend you use of my Current Probe. Here again I ask e14Commenters to post their physical location (Country), so I can suggest solutions based on their location. I know that the UK/EU have differing Laws on Privacy, but stating (your) country is not that intrusive. This coming from an US Patent Attorney, me.


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            Hi Drishya,

            When I used to encounter shorted conditions on a circuit board I would make small cuts in traces until I could isolate the problem. Once the problem was isolated and repaired I would go back and solder bridge the cuts to repair proper continuity. In rare circumstances I would use a wire jumper to go around a problem.



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              In order to solve the short circuit which is occurred on the PCB, firstly you need to trace that short circuit. If you have something that can measure very low resistances, you can use this to track down a short. The closer you get to it, the lower the resistance will be.