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    Problem with a new service


      Hi everyone,

      I am having a problem with a small application I developed on the BBB.

      I connected a barcode scanner to the usb port and a 2x16 LCD display to the GPIO controlled by BBBioLib.

      I developed an application in C to read a barcode label apply to a race tyre, which find a match on an SQLite table and show the racer name on the display.

      Application work great but since the all assembly must work stand alone I need to run the program automatically at boot.

      I follow all the instruction on creating a bash program and service but I am getting a strange behaviour.

      The display after the welcome message hang up and never change but the application work correctly because all the printf to the consolle get logged correctly and once I exit the application I can check them on the log of the service.

      If I restart the service manually everything work fine.

      Does anyone can help on solving this problem.