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    CircuitStudio 1.4 Startup Project List


      I have one non-critical but annoying issue with CS V1.4 at the moment: whenever I load the program I get a list of projects in the project pane. The list does not include the latest projects I worked on, and although I close these projects manually, when I restart CS they re-appear. It's like the "recent projects" list got stuck at some point and is never refreshed. I can't find any related setting. Did anyone else have the same issue and solved it?

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          I've not noticed this on my copy. Do you have just the one copy of CS installed?

          On my system the list of projects seems to be stored in C:\Users\PBanard\AppData\Roaming\Altium\CircuitStudio {C10C5ECF-6CDC-4B12-8FEF-ABD3FFB7466E}\LastWorkspace\Workspace1.DsnWrk and the open files (plus some other config stuff) in C:\Users\PBanard\AppData\Roaming\Altium\CircuitStudio {C10C5ECF-6CDC-4B12-8FEF-ABD3FFB7466E}\UserTools.TLT (I think the long number varies on each installation).

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              Thanks Peter,


              I did have two folders under ..\Altium, I first deleted the older workspace Workspace1.DsnWrk but the issue persisted. I then deleted the newer workspace (the last modified date was up to date, so this file was actually being updated, although incorrectly) and restarted CS and the project list came up blank. I opened a project, closed CS and on the next restart of CS the project was there.


              Not sure what is going on, however a solution to start from scratch is to delete the Workspace1.DsnWrk file, it will then create a new one automatically.