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      I am a septuagenarian, I live in New Zealand.

      I am a Registered Electrician (in NZ), I worked for Xerox for 30 years in a variety of tech roles, eventual becoming tech launch manage for a range of high speed electronic printers. I took early retirement due to health issues, but when I got over this I started my own business building & repairing PCs, website creation and hosting, I am now fully retired from this but still want to "keep my brain active"

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          Welcome to the Element14 community William! Hopefully you'll find this a good resource for keeping your technical skills ticking over


          Are you working on any projects at the moment? If so, feel free to share what you are doing with us by blogging about them (there is a personal blog or blog sections for different topics, I tend to use my personal blog space) and if there is anything you want advice on then just post up and there's usually somebody with some useful suggestions


          Best Regards,


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            Welcome to the element14 community.


            There's a lot of interesting info on the community. I hope you enjoy it.


            As Rachael mentioned, feel free to blog about any projects you are working on.


            I encourage you to look at our RoadTest section as well.




            Randall Scasny

            RoadTest Program Manager

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              Hi William,

              Welcome to e14. You are in good company as many of our members, myself included, have similar stories. I have found the exploration of components and the pursuit of a better foundation in electronics a very rewarding and challenging retirement project. I look forward to reading about what you are doing.


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                Hi William,


                Welcome to Element14.

                I am only a few years younger than you and I greatly enjoy interacting with everyone on the site, so come on in an make yourself at home.


                Look around, see what interests you and join in.  Questions are always welcomed and as you will see, we get into some very interesting discussions here.


                We try to keep things fun and informal, though the gang in charge tries to impose a semblance of adult supervision.



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                  Welcome to Element14, the nice connected place.



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                    Finally some more NZ'ers.


                    It's a great pace to expand your horizons and the best way is Road Tests, Design Challenges and the e14 challenge launched each month.



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                      Hi Rachel Et Al, Thank you for your warm welcome.  Unfortunately the only project I am working on is the refurbishment (Not a full showroom restoration) of a 1983 Kawasaki Motorcycle.  It is mid winter here (shortest day today, 22nd) and so it is a bit cold most days to achieve too much.

                      I do also have a fully operational 386 PC that I am going to disassemble in order to check the condition of the electrolytic capacitors and the on board RAM battery.


                      If anyone is really interested I can post some information on these.


                      I do have some sort of Arduino kit that my son in law bought me, as well as one of the early Raspberry Pie kit, so in some ways I am spoiled for choice on where to start.  That is why I very interested in the kit you are detailing as it comes with project descriptions and would give me a great platform on which to build.







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