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    How Would You RoadTest This Wireless Power Dev Kit?


      1.PNGI'm often contacted my suppliers who are considering to participate in the RoadTest program. They ask me a lot of questions about the program and which products are the best to RoadTest. Well, it depends, right? Test equipment garners a lot of interest. So do SBCs or anything to do with IoT. So when I was contacted about this Wireless Power Dev Kit for a future RoadTest, I looked up what content the community already had on the topic. There is a some content, as expected, since wireless power solutions are only sure to grow. But I don't recall doing a RoadTest on this type of product, or at least recently. I just wondered how it would be RoadTested. So, here's my question: How would your Roadtest it?


      Here's a few facts about the product:

      • It's the result of the joint collaboration of Wurth Elektronik and Rohm Semiconductor.
      • It's used in devices with a large number of mating cycles to avoid connector damage such as smartphones, tablets, portable media players.
      • It comes with 5 parts: Transmitter module, Receiver module, LED load module, Quick start guide, Power adapter with EU, US and UK adapter.


      Here's a few specs:

      • Plug & play wireless power design kit, medium power solution
      • Qi standard version 1.2 compliant with extended power profile
      • Based on the transmitter type MP-A7
      • Excellent performance due to use of litz wire coil
      • Operating temperature range from -20°C up to +105°C
      • Inductance of 12µH at 125KHz/10mA, Q-factor of 33 at 125KHz/10mA
      • Maximum rated current of 3A at ΔT = 40K, saturation current of 6A (typ)


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