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    how do you connect a TFT LCD (20 pins HDMI to 40 pins TTL)


      I've been around the tech community for a while, I've watched tutorials and enjoy the ben heck show and I have acquired several parts over the last few years, and I've decided to try and put them together.


      I have;
      BeagleBones Black

      Thing-printer's Replicape Replicape rev B - Thing-Printer

      ER-TFT050-3 5" display with driver board (RTD2660) http://www.buydisplay.com/default/5-inch-lcd-screen-tft-module-800x480-vga-video-av-driver-board


      the replicape does consume almost all the pins from the BBB - but what I'm trying to do is connect the LCD IO pins to the TFT screen

      the only problem is, the connectors for the driver board don't really encompass IO inputs. that being VGA and AV.

      I was thinking I might possibly solder directly onto the RTD2660 or maybe I'm over complicating it.

      I have a few other LCD screens procured from junk tablets, second-hand cam's etc if this display isn't ideal



      things like this work fine if you buy kitbashing parts but this has me stumped as how to connect this TFT display with the touch screen to the BBB