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    What's Your Favorite Pinball?


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      Pinball has evolved a lot over the years. Scores used to be displayed with mechanical numbers that would rotate as you racked up points. That evolved into using 7-segment displays, then LEDs, and now some even used monitors to track players and points. Some mechanisms have gotten more sophisticated, while others remain classic. At the Midwest Gaming Classic, as well as my local arcades and bars, I've tried out quite a few pinball games. I've found that different things draw me to love some games more than others. Sometimes it is the theme. Sometimes the flow and feel of the game makes the ball seem to travel smoother making it superior to others. Sometimes there is a certain mechanism or feature that just makes the game more fun. I especially like the games that have a mini play field at the top that feels like playing a mini game where it is fun to see how long you can keep the ball up without the fear of losing the game if it drains. I've played games where the LEDs are just too bright and it hurts to look at or the ball is difficult to track through the lights and displays. My favorite games are a mix of old and new either because of smoothness of play or fun theme/mechanisms.


      What's your favorite pinball game and why?