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    Q: Super User access via SSH on BeagleBone Black (Debian Ver 8.7)


      Hi All


      I wondered if there is anyone who can help with some advice o the best way to manage root user login with the new 8.7 image version of BBB .....

      The new image seems to have a tighter password system in place from the get go. I can log into my BBB as a standard user using logon: 'debian' and password: 'temppwd'. If I try and login via ssh as the root I get an 'Access denied' message.

      Without the root access it makes tree navigation very difficult with tools like WinSCP and/or mobaXterm (as again it keeps saying that access is denied when you try and open certain tree elements in the tools browser.


      Can someone suggest the best method of :

      • Changing the normal logon password from the default 'temppwd'?
      • Creating a new standard user and associated password?
      • Creating a 'root' / super user  logon with password strong password?


      Many thanks for any help you may offer