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    I'm a new maker and I need help determining what I need for my project.


      Hello everyone! I have a project in mind that I know is a little ambitious for my skill level (which is very minimal at the moment) and I thought that I would see if I could get a little help fleshing things out from the communinity and people who have more experience to point me in the right direction. I have a pretty good idea of what I want, I just need help picking what technology(s) would be the best to accomplish my project.


      Simply put I want to make an indoor / outdoor weather station out of Raspberry pis (possibly with arduinos) where each pi is a remote station that sends its sensor readings to a central web service. I would ideally like to be able to see historic data as well. I assume that this will require the use of a database to really be able to store the data easily.


      I know that I will need to know a decent amount of python / C++ for the Arduino and it can help for the Raspberry Pi (but isn't necessarily required).


      I am also new to web development and know that there are a lot of ways to accomplish various tasks so I ask this; Which language(s) would best accomplish this? Would it be something like PHP and SQL? Ruby on Rails? Something else?


      I have dabbled in a few (mostly older) languages but would say that I really don't know any so I'm completely open to whatever would work the best. I completely intend to learn what I need to accomplish this along the way. Any direction or suggestions would be incredibly appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions that would help answer this.