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    BBB Node-red Flow not running from stat-up


      Hi All


      I have a question that I hope someone may be able to assist me with.....?


      I have a test flow that basically blinks USER led 3 at a 600ms interval  (300ms on and 300ms off).


      The inject node is set to inject once at start and then continuously. The example works fine and the LED flashes on my BBB.


      The problem I have is trying to get the flow running from boot - If I boot the BBB up the user light doesn't start blinking the LED (as though the script isn't  running)....Then if I go to the node red Flow page ( the flow is loaded into the browser window and the flow starts executing (i.e. the USER LED 3 starts blinking).


      As far as I am aware, node-red is all up and running from boot (as I never have to do a 'node-red' command at the linux command prompt) and the UI dashboard and the flow program pages can be accessed by the web browser.


      Any ideas why/how  I can get the flow executing from a cold boot?


      Best regards