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    RF433 MHz send receive using beaglebone black


      Has anyone successfully implemented sending and receiving data using simple RF433 MHz sender and receiver pair? I am successful in doing the implementation in Arduino and Raspberry pi but unable to do it in BBB. The aim is just to send simple text message from the the sender and receive it at the receiver end.


      I did a lot of research on this and could find 433Utils at https://github.com/bjuriewicz/BeagleboneBlack-433Utils but that doesn't solve both sending and receiving. Moreover, I couldn't get success even in sending part from this utility.


      I understand that we have rpi-rf package available for raspberry pi at https://pypi.python.org/pypi/rpi-rf and I tried to make it compatible with BBB by doing the necessary changes in the main module. The sending/receiving got working in BBB but the receiver worked in totally unexpected way. Does anyone has a solution for such implementation?