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    CircuitStudio 1.4.1 - Public Release


      We are excited to announce that new version of CircuitStudio is now available for download.

      You can install version 1.4.1 (build 99) via the Update System in CircuitStudio.


      To install the update:

      1. Select View>>Start to open the Home page
      2. Go to Extensions & Updates
      3. From the Extensions & Updates page, click the Updates tab
      4. Click the CircuitStudio update link to start the update process
      5. Restart CircuitStudio (restart notification window will pop up)

      Alternatively, do a fresh install by downloading a new copy.


      The new version contains a fix for a critical issue with Windows 10 Creators update, fix for a rotation issue, fix for an issue that caused an error during the switching between Structure and Search tabs in Vault Explorer, as well as contains a fix for regression bug where parameters dialog was displayed when pressing Esc key and much more.


      Release Notes

      Please see the full list of release notes here.

      Public Forum

      Now that CircuitStudio 1.4.1 is released to Public, please report all new issues on the official Element14 public forum.


      Best regards,


      James Harriman