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    Wolfson Audio Card - I2C communication issue




      I have got the Wolfson Audio Card from element14 to use with a Linux based hardware.



      I am trying to use it with a linux based hardware for processing the audio data.

      However, I am stuck with initial setup of the WM5102 using the I2C Control Interface.


      I have tried performing the register read operation using I2C but there is no response from the WM5102. Have double checked the connections and signals, everything seems to be fine with respect to I2C.

      I have also provide the reset control from a GPIO pin. But I am not seeing any change on nIRQ as mentioned in the datasheet. Ideally, the high to low transition should be seen on the nIRQ pin after the DSP boot is done.


      Did anyone encounter this issue? Am I missing something?

      Are there any pre-conditions to be considered?


      Thanks in advance.