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    Eagle library for audio connectors?


      Hi there,


      I'm trying to find any of bellow listed footprint for audio connectors in Eagle CAD and I can't believe that there is no such of it.

      A few of them are standard (old style, maybe 10 year old layouts) but I can't find nothing similar searching under libraries.


      List of PCB connectors in PDF downloadable format:

      1. PJ-307-3 (3 pin) 3.5mm pcb socket

      2. PJ-307-5 (5 pin) 3.5mm pcb socket

      3. PJ-324M (5 pin) 3.5mm pcb socket

      4. PJ-313D (5 pin) 3.5mm pcb socket


      I hope someone can help me to find some of the mentioned footprints/library.


      Kind regards,


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          Hi friends!

          I am trying to found a solution for PJ-324 connector.

          If you see the datasheet then you can pin that the pin aren't circular.


          I made a pad using the polygon. But now I have two problems: the first is that I am seen as a Wire so I can not associate a number to the pad, the second is that I have to move it as if it were a group otherwise change its size.

          I have had to do so for get a pad with a long, narrow hole, not circular.



          I have not simply superimposed two areas of copper on sides 1 and 16 followed by holes for two reasons: I need the hole to be metallized, the hole should not be uneven.



          How can I make a pad of this type?