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    LM8335EVM - Program




      I am currently working with the  LM8335EVMLM8335EVM board I am looking for information to automate data transmission Indeed I would like to create a program to do this in C or with Matlab(if possible

      However, I did not find any help to control this board with an other software than the one provided (LM8335EVM-GUI).

      Are there people who have already tried? Or can I find information to help me program?


      Thanks in advance,


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          The datasheet has information on the interface (I2C) and the internal registers. I'm not familiar with MIPI RFFE, but it looks like it's just a way of organising the registers to give standardisation between manufacturers.



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              Hi Jon,

              There is also the MSP430F5510  (U2) present on the board and I do not see how to manage all of these components.

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                  Sorry, I assumed it was just a LM8335 on a board. Didn't realise that there was a MSP430 on there too.


                  If you want to do something for yourself, beyond the evaluation stuff, you'd either need to puzzle out how to get your own code onto the MSP430 (there's a JTAG connector which looks promising) or you could simply lift R15 and R17 and talk to the LM8335 directly by feeding in clock and data from a processor of your own choosing.


                  For more specific help, you'd probably do better with the TI forums - there's a much higher chance there that you'll find people who have worked with these parts.

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                    Jan Cumps

                    You can program the controller via J4.

                    From the kit's User Guide:

                    J4 Input/Output is the connector used to program the MSP430 This connector uses the standard interface for programming the MSP430 using the  MSP-FET430UIFMSP-FET430UIF Debug-Interface Tool

                    The debugger isn't in active production anymore, still available 2nd hand. The newer version is called MSP-FET: MSP430 Flash Emulation Tool