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    Full USB3.1 on the MotoMod?


      Just wanted to make sure I understand how the USB3.1 works on the connections between the phone and the motoMod.  Looking at the schematic, I see on the MDK MAIN PVT page that there is MOD_USB_SS_TX_DP, MOD_USB_SS_TX_DM, MOD_USB_SS_RX_DP, and MOD_USB_SS_RX_DM.


      If I wanted an application that was backwards compatible to USB 2, would I be able to use those above 4 pins and add in the MOD_USB_DP and MOD_USB_DM pins?  Or are those pins going to a separate USB2 only host on the phone?


      I ask this because I know that the motoMod's USB3 functionality is USB3 only and not backwards compatible.  I wanted to verify that that is just a limitation of the way the MotoMod was designed and not a limitation of the infrastructure itself.