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    Is it possible (project ideas)


      If this all works I'd like to buy a z2 force to start this on or if there's anything like this out use it.


      Would it be possible to dual boot moto z to run linux or linux arm or raspbian and have the phone act like a raspberry pi/sbc with the phone screen as a "monitor".


      Also would it be possible to use the mod to take hdmi input and use phone screen as a monitor maybe also use as a capture card unsure if data flow allows signal to run to phone but the hdmi could maybe come in though the camera input and use a hdmi to 15pin camera ribbon and display on screen acting as a "camera mod" which would maybe allow a live view for monitor and recording like a camera would video.


      If the hdmi input would work the you could have a raspberry pi or udoo x86 connected to it and have a extra battery to power it and also have the battery connect to the phone so it would all charger from phone port also maybe take touch input from screen?? like adafruit screens but higher definition so basically a mobile laptop converter mod thing or just a monitor and or capture card.


      Is it also possible to add ram to the phone through a moto mod or use external cpu or gpu.

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          The Moto Mods System Architecture can give you a better idea about what is possible. https://developer.motorola.com/explore/system-architecture  Lots of ideas have come from participants of the Transform the Smartphone Challenge https://www.indiegogo.com/campaign_collections/transform-the-smartphone-challenge I am sure some of the ideas you have are possible.

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            You cannot modify the Moto Z software, so no you cannot dual boot.  You could certainly root the phone and put AOSP on there, but you would lose Mod functionality.  The kernel portions are open sourced, but there would be no integration with Android.


            You could put an entire second processor/computing system in your Moto Mod.  To use the Z's display, you would have to use the CSI interface and essentially act like a camera.  You would then need an Android app to display that, and probably the Raw protocol to send any touch/mouse/HID events from your APK to your Pi/Linux running on your Mod (or your Mod could be a USB host if you needed higher bandwidth).  For simplicity I would recommend using the STM32 as your MuC still and use that as a gateway between your co-processor and the Moto Z, but since the Mods firmware is all open source you could certainly port that to another processor.


            No, you cannot add RAM or an external GPU via a Moto Mod.