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    New idea - Moto mods flip cover


      Hi all!


      I will start saying that I'm in no way a hardware developer. However I'm always looking into new technologies and ideas, and I'm therefore very excited about moto mods.


      Saying that, I was quite surprised that so far no one (including Motorola) did not come up with some sort of smart Moto Mods flip phone cover.

      In fact companies like Samsung are now offering things like this Galaxy S8 LED Wallet Cover, Blue Mobile Accessories - EF-NG950PLEGUS | Samsung US , but Motorola with the Moto Mod interface could do a much better job than that.


      In my opinion this could be as lucrative as Moto mods batteries, after all everyone has phone covers.


      Is anyone working on something like this? and if not, is there a reason why this is not happening (hardware limitation for example)?