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    Would love ability to move components in 3D view


      Our company used Eagle for years and recently bought a license for Circuit Studio due to some of it's features.  One of the great features is the 3D component.  However, we are slightly annoyed by the fact that we cannot move components in the 3D view and have to move back and fourth from 2D to 3D to get components in the correct position with respect to enclosures/mounting components etc.


      We have kept our old Eagle system and were offered a chance to upgrade to the newest version which now supports a 3D component.  We understand that with the new Eagle/Fusion360  solution you have to import/export to and from the 3D environment, but they have given a solution to move things around in 3D environment.


      I'm hoping that the Element14 team is aware of this new feature in Eagle and would request the ability to move components in 3D to be added to the next release of CS.  I fear that our company will try the new version of Eagle and want to switch back if the 3D editing works well.  And I like some other features of CS over Eagle, but may not win the battle without the 3D movement capability.