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    Whats sitting on your workbench today?


      Afternoon folks,



      The last few sundays while working on my robot, i've also checked the E14 website a few times and often wondered, "What's everyone else working on?"


      I do spend most of my sunday afternoons working on bits and bobs and would love to hear what everyone else is sticking their nose into on this fine afternoon.


      I've recently added a 3d LIDAR scanner to my robot ( Credit to these guys on youtube here they've done a fantastic job https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCpCGkwwy8I )   and now that ive started working with Stepper motors a lot more closely ive soon discovered that these things run HOT!  So ive been working on implementing some forced induction cooling    Taking power from the starboard mounted DROK digital buck converter ive cabled a 12v fan in via the 4x solid state relay mounted on the front deck. this is controlled by the aft mounted arduino UNO that's dedicated for the "Science Platform" on the top deck. I have a 30x30 heat sink on coming tomorrow that i hope i can mount between the fan an the stepper to offload some heat....


      So what's everyone else have their nose in!! Send in some pics



      photos below..





      Starboard mounted DROK digital buck converter




      4x Relay at front - you can see the LIDAR unit and fan in the background




      point cloud 1.jpg


      Lisdar Scanning in action - first 2D scan with the "science shelf" in full action







      Have a good afternoon folks!