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    Espotek Labrador


      For anyone interested this is a very handy and useful piece of kit - i own one and am grateful i do - though still in development it is already very feature rich.

      You tell me anywhere else you can get an oscilloscope and logic analyzer - plus more - for 29 bux.....


      I have no affiliation with this other than thqat i use one myself.. check it out..


      QUESTION - what alternative do you use for less than 50 bux???

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          In answer to your question, I'd buy a second hand scope - on Ebay I see a Scopex 4d10 for £40 - that's about $50 and you don't need the $300+ PC to make it work. I used a similar scope 40ish years ago and was able to develop commercial designs with it.

          The scope gives you 2 channels 10MHz+ bandwidth, better triggering and no PC.



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              True Michael - however - i am not running the labradog on a PC but on a RPI3 - with a 10inch touchscreen and all the inputs and probes broken out to useful connectors - all that is left for me to do is finish designing a useful case for it - my plan is to biuld this and to also put inside the case other test gear - ie the arduino oscilloscope i see here somewhere and whatever else i find so that i end up with a portable RPI test rig.....

              Not sure how it will go but i will keep everyone posted