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    Only getting output from left speaker




      I have the cirrus logic version of the card (Ver A1.01). Headphone output works fine but I recently decided to wire it up directly to a pair of speakers to have a standalone music player. However, only one channel (Left) seems to be working. I've swapped speakers to confirm that it isn't the speakers or the cables.


      Anybody have ideas on what could be broken? The speaker circuit in the schematics seem simple enough with a CA04F2FT5AUD010G voltage suppressor in line with the output. I'm looking for ideas on where I should go about looking for problems on the board.




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          I do use the speaker out too . If you use the alsa controls manually , it is easy to make a mistake and forget to open up both channels.

          Use the scripts from Hias, and it should work.

          Using speaker out means you probably also soldered some pins in the board, double check the soldering for any shorts or visible damage.

          As the output stage of the D-amp uses an H bridge , you can not combine any wires from the channels.

          Last resort could be to test with an image I have running here.

          ( or bring the te card here to test it in my setup )