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    EAGLE - How to copy between board files


      I am trying to copy a board outline and product logo from on board (.brd) file to another and can't get working. How do you copy between board files? I have tried just about every cut & paste method found online in searching, spent over 30 minutes on this.


      See below if interested. Just a board outline, nice and simple. I am having troubles, not sure why!

      board example.png

      What is the recommended procedure?

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          Hi Justin,


          There are a few ways. First you can use the GROUP/CUT/PASTE commands:


          1. Use the GROUP command and group the objects you want to copy.

          2. Issue a CUT command in the command line.

          3. Right click on one of the objects and select "Cut: group"

          4. Switch to the target drawing and issue a PASTE command in the command line.

          5. Click to place the objects in the new drawing.


          You might need to have two instances of EAGLE running for this to work (not sure).


          Another way is to create a version of the board you wish to copy from with nothing else (which it looks like you have already) then do File->Import->EAGLE drawing... and then select the board which has the outline and product logo and press Open and the board will be attached to your cursor so you can place it.


          Best Regards,


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