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    NRF51822 BLE Help


      I am in the beginnings of a project for which i need to be able to send gyroscopic data through blue tooth. i did some googling and found this device, an nrf51822 board.


      Once i got it i realised i had no idea what i'm doing, so i did some research. Now i can connect it to my phone through an app called BLE scanner and read some values on it. But to upload code to it i would need a JTAG device such as the BMP or J-Link?

      But do i even need to upload code to it? i can already access all the values that i want to. through the BLE scanner so i should be able to access them with an app that i potentially develop.

      Which comes to the next problem. I've never built an app and have no clue where to start let alone using BLE communications.


      So i guess what i'm asking is:

      Do i need to be able to upload code?

      If so what IDE would i use?

      And do i need a JTAG device?

      Where should i start when developing an app that communicates using BLE?


      Thanks for all help.