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    Old Android Tablet as a Riotboard display


      I have a Polaroid tablet running android 4.2.2


      Is there a way to use the tablet as a display for the RIoTboard?  I'm in a college class and I live about 40 miles away.  My lab partner and I both live far from campus and don't feel like lugging a HDMI monitor with us. The tablet has an HDMI output and a mini USB output.  The way I understand, the HDMI port on the laptop is an output only. 


      I tried downloading an app on the tablet to mirror a screen on my laptop.  If this test worked, I thought I could install the app on the riot board and it would send the signal to the tablet. The app says it was installed but it does not appear on the tablet.  My lab partner has the RIoTboard for the weekend.  I'm just trying to brainstorm for next week.


      Thoughts?  I'm very new to the RIoTboard....