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    BeagleBone Black spurious shutdown

    Jannick Breiting

      Hi all,


      We have an issue with the BeagleBone Black making spurious shutdown i rare cases.  We have 200+ BBB running in the field and monitors the uptime. This spurious shutdown happens on 20% of the BBB's and in average only every 200 hours. However some BBB's exhibits this behaviour allmost every 1-2 days. We are quite certain that its a PMIC powerdown but it can not be found in the shutdown list by issuing the command "last shutdown". Hence it must be spurious of some kind. The BBB's comes up again after a powercycling which happen after 2½ minutes in our system. This indicatesthat the PMIC must have been in the OFF state. We are running an angstrom distro with kernel 3.8.13.


      Have anybody else experienced this issue and is there a fix for it ?