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    Using Smart Edit - Formula


      Does anyone know how to append a suffix to component designators? I have tried using both the SCH Inspector and PCB Inspector. I am following the examples in Altium Designer Help (since I can’t find anything in CircuitStudio on “Smart Edit – Formula”) on this page:


      When I try the example given on that page, the result is all component reference designators change to  !+’_MEM’ instead of the original reference designator_MEM. Does anyone know if this works in CircuitStudio or does it only work in AD?

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          I don't believe Smart Edit is supported by CircuitStudio.

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              The attached screenshot is from Circuit Studio 1.4.  When a formula is entered, even the example formula given, it doesn't seem to be evaluated properly.  It seems that if smart edit weren't supported, the menu wouldn't be there in the first place. This looks more like a bug somewhere in formula evaluation



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                  Sorry to revisit a very old thread, but just I've got a work around for this for anyone who comes across this thread. As with most things, it's a bit of a faff, but ultimately possible.


                  If you copy and paste the components in layout, the designators will have _1 automatically added to them.

                  From here, then it's easy to use the Batch Replace function to transform the _1 to something else, then delete the original parts


                  To back annotate, you have to re link the components, Tools -> Component Links. Assuming you haven't got any stragglers in there, this should click through.

                  Then, click Home -> Project -> Update Schematics in... to push the changes back to the schematics.


                  Also, the first half of this can be used when place replicating when you add an extra channel.


                  The formula function still does not work 2 years on... the tab shouldn't exist if it's unusable!

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                      I love that you made a break-through the day before I started looking for the same thing!


                      Now, I think we might have a setting somewhere that differs, because when I copy and paste an existing component, I get the same designator - forcing me to either edit it manually, or do a re-annotation of the sheet. Do you happen to know where the setting is, that would allow me to get "_1" style designators on copy&paste?